Writing a book is no picnic, and reevaluating all of that hard work may seem overwhelming. However, a poorly-written novel will undermine your credibility as an author. Authors usually struggle with editing their own manuscripts; yet it is the most distinguishing factor that readers use to judge a book as either an amateur's writing or an expert's.

All authors make mistake. It's the copyeditor's job to make sure your readers never get to see those mistakes. The Zeydran editorial team goes from line to line through you manuscript doing line editing, capturing grammar and spelling mistakes, while adhering to industry standards presented in the Chicago Manual of Style, and spelling forms from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Having your manuscript proofread is the best way to spare your readers from: 

  • Malapropism (mistaken use of a word with a similar-sounding one) 
  • Incoherence 
  • Misspellings  
  • Repetitiveness 
  • Incorrect Comma/Colon Usage 
  • Run-on Sentences 
  • Improper Citations 
  • Fragment/Incomplete Sentences 

The editing process is simple, yet painstaking. It involves reading text multiple times, each time with a different objective. You will be able to see all changes made on our change tracker system, and accept or reject any changes you like. A clean copy will also be provided with all changes already made.

The complete line editing process will take on average 2 weeks, but can be longer for longer manuscripts. Your manuscript will be looked over by a professional editor, in 2 rounds of editing and proofreading, at a cost of $.015 per word. 

If your document is over 100,000 words please contact us for custom quote and time frame. 

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