You have two seconds to convince a reader in a store to pick up your book, based exclusively on the cover. It's the most important promotional piece of your book, and with the increasing demand for online paperbook sales and eBooks, it's becoming more important to have an attractive cover and layout. The colors, artwork, dimensions, fonts, all paint the story of what your publication is all about. 

Zeydra's in-house professional graphic artists will work with you to create and design the perfect cover and layout to capture the attention of your target audience.

All Zeydran covers:

  • Are fit for immediate commercial use.
  • Contain a 3D image of the cover (useful for promotions on websites or author pages).
  • Contain original source files for future editing.
  • Allow for revisions.
  • Are print ready and in over 300 DPI.

Please note: this is not for cover formatting. It is for cover design.

Cover Design

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