When writing your book, there are few marketing tools as significant as what's called the "blurb". It's a short combination of words, description, and emotion that gives the reader an uppercut after your kick@ss book cover pulls them in. 

We are talking about your descriptive blurb, which generally goes on the back of your book's cover, on your website, product page (on Amazon or B&N for example), or in press materials. 

Your descriptive blurb should:

  • Clarify the emotional journey.
  • Create intrigue around a central conflict in the story.
  • Introduce the main protagonist.
  • Connect emotionally with the reader of the genre.
  • Not give away spoilers.
  • Not be over the top or sound like a pitch.
  • Not talk about yourself or other books, unless the story is part biographical.
  • Be grammatically perfect.
  • Be short, digestible length (under 250 words ideal) while still nailing all the above.

Zeydra's editors can ensure your blurb does all the above, and is worded elegantly to maximize your reach to your target audience. You will have a description that sells your story!

After placing your order a member from our Author's Team will contact you requesting a few details. Your manuscript and preferably a synopsis will also be requested. After that is provided, within 4 days you will have a professionally crafted blurb ready for you. 

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