Congratulations on finishing your story!

Submitting a query letter to a publisher or literary agent can be a scary ordeal, but it's the first step to having your book on a shelf if you go the route of a traditional publisher. It can cost thousands, or countless hours, to try self-publishing, and all the while you may not have access to the professionals you need.

Zeydra makes the process elegant and stress free. Currently we are reviewing sci-fi and fantasy manuscripts, but are open to exceptional work in any genre. Fill out the query below and attach the first 3 chapters of your manuscript for review. A cover letter is optional, but certainly helps! A Zeydran agent will review your submission and provide feedback shortly. If accepted then:

  • Zeydra carries your book from manuscript in your drawer to shiny publication at no cost, and you have access to a personal agent for guidance.
  • You will retain 75% of your net profit per book sale. That means if you as the author were to receive $4 selling your book on Amazon, you keep $3. 

We believe in empowering our authors and trying to provide them with peace of mind so they can do what they love - writing.