Why Pick Zeydra

Since 2013, we've been helping writers become published authors and partners around the world. Formerly known as Vegas Pulse LLC, Zeydra's publishing team offers personalized attention to writers that is second to none, having helped some authors be interviewed on national radio shows that have reached millions of listeners.

Writers maintaining control of their work and being provided the tools to make their story shine is our motto. Exceeding expectations, swift delivery, and creating long-lasting relationships is our goal.

Our guarantee to you as a writer using our services is:

  • To produce a first-class publication.
  • To meet your budget and schedule.

Our guarantee to you as a Zeydran author is:

  • To create a long-term partnership.
  • To provide and take care of everything so all you have to focus on is writing your magic.

Enjoy the liberty to compose, edit, design, and advertise your book with Zeydra Publishing! Take a minute to see our easy to follow guides and writer services.

-Andrew Moropoulos