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Making An Audiobook

When publishing an eBook, it is wise to market it using sample chapters or an interview of yourself. But what about creating your audiobook to accompany it?

Producing an audiobook may be time intensive, but it can be extremely enjoyable and makes your book available in another market. You may just pick a brief excerpt to work with, possibly a humorous scene or an illustrative passing, which will help boost your publication when you give it away on your own private site. Here are 5 steps to produce your own audiobook, completely at no cost.

1) Obtain a sound editing app.
In the case you don't have specialist sound recording apps, such as Protools or Ableton, do not fret! A simple, free application named Audacity is remarkably easy to understand, and may be used on just about any computer.

2) Select a passage.
For starters, have a manageable aim. Do your best not to plan to document your whole book. Look at focusing on a chapter or scene you find especially powerful, and possibly one which comprises many different personalities, allowing for a few enjoyable voice acting roles to shine through.

3) Cast & collaborate (optional).
Organize your audiobook by reading it and sharing the narration with different friends or coworkers that have been delegated roles. Nowadays you can record at different times, and everyone at different places.

4. Editing.
Attempt to keep rerecording and editing until the audio is crystal clear (or near perfect) by removing pauses, editing out background sounds, and re-recording pieces that are ambiguous.

5) Bring in some personality.
This is where you are able to have a great deal of fun. A few sound additions can totally raise the level of the audiobook. For audio effects, make certain to research FreeSound.

After making sure everything seems right, post that audio file on your personal site, Youtube, or the large audiobook selling platform, Audible! Make sure you covert it into a compressed format, for example .mp3. You may even post streaming sounds at Soundcloud.




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